Fires occur often on Bidston Hill, and we need to be prepared.

We have agreed with the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service a system of Fire Zones on Bidston Hill. When reporting a fire, please let the emergency services know which of the six zones (labelled A to F in the map below) are affected. This information can help get the fire appliances to the right place quickly. Click here for a higher resolution map of the Bidston Hill Fire Zones to download and print.

Bidston Hill Fire Zones

Bidston Hill Fire Zones

Fire has always been a problem on Bidston Hill. In the summer, the gorse dries out, catches fire easily and spreads rapidly when fanned by the stronger-than-average winds that Bidston Hill is exposed to. A fire, apparently extinguished, can smoulder in the peat deposits, travel underground and break out somewhere else. It is difficult, sometimes impossible, to bring fire engines close to the blaze, and the water pressure at the few hydrants on the hill is low. Fighting fires on Bidston Hill costs millions of pounds every year. Sadly, many of the fires on Bidston Hill are lit deliberately.

If you would to volunteer as a fire warden, please contact us.