Geotourist walking trail of Bidston Hill

We have created a smartphone version of the Bidston Hill Heritage Trail, for use with a new app called Geotourist.

The Geotourist app is free to download and use (but you will incur the normal data charges, if any, from your mobile phone service provider). It works best if you’re on a 4G network, but it should still be OK if you only have 3G.

Versions of the app are available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones. To get the app, follow the instructions on the Geotourist web site (or search for “Geotourist” in the app store appropriate to your device). Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, you can find the Bidston Hill Heritage Trail within the app by searching for “Bidston Hill”.

If you don’t have a suitable smartphone, you can also preview the tour on the Geotourist web-site itself.

The initial version of the tour includes the same points as the Bidston Hill Heritage trail, (except King George’s Way, Bidston Hall, and the Mummer’s Carvings, which we may add in the future), plus an additional point we’ve called the Viewpoint.

Your feedback is welcome and will help us improve the tour. You can leave feedback within the app itself, via our contact page, or by commenting on this post.

Acknowledgments. We are grateful to Sarah Wright for providing the audio recordings, and to David Wright for technical support.