King George’s Way

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King George’s Way is a footpath, which leads onto Bidston Hill from the corner of Upton Road and Boundary Road. King George V and Queen Mary opened the pathway on Wednesday 25th March 1914.

On that day their Majesties arrived at Huyton Station at 11.20 am. From there, they proceeded to Chester arriving at 12.15 pm. His Majesty then pressed an electric button that opened the doors of a new wing at the local infirmary. The train left at 1.00 pm for Hooton Siding where luncheon was taken. Forty-five minutes later, they arrived at Hooton Station where they were met by the local dignitaries and then proceeded to Port Sunlight, arriving at 2.00 pm to be greeted by Sir William Lever. After a tour around the works, they travelled by motor car to Hulme Hall, where the King pressed another electric button to lay a foundation stone to the memory of Lady Lever. Their Majesties then proceeded to Birkenhead arriving at 3.56 pm and were received by the Chairman of Cammell Lairds, another quick tour around and then on to Birkenhead Town Hall where a low dais had been erected in front of the Municipal Building. In front of thousands of school children (who had been given a day off) waving Union Jacks, the King pressed an electric button and declared the new extension to Bidston Hill open. After completion of the ceremonies everyone sang the National Anthem.

Re-entering their cars, the King and Queen proceeded via Hamilton Square, Argyle Street, Conway Street, Park Road North, Upton Road (brief pause maybe, as his aides told him why he pressed the electric button for the new King George’s Way), Boundary Road, Upper Flaybrick, Tollemache Road and on to Wallasey. There a stand had been erected and yet another electric button was pressed to lay the foundation stone of Wallasey Town Hall. Does this represent the record for electric buttons pressed in one day? On the Royal Train did he say to his Mrs “My finger’s killing me?”

Glynn Holden

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  1. Eileen Underhill says:

    I have got a official programme of the Royal Visit 1914

    • Jess Pearce says:

      Hello, we are the Heart of Egremont, our local community and heritage centre based in the Old Egremont Mission, Guildford St Egremont. Would it be possible to have a look or even a copy of the programme to add to the archives in our centre? Our email is or even pop in to the centre or ring us on 0151 639 4441 thanks! Jess centre manager

  2. J. Elliott says:

    Are there any photos of King George v way in the early 1900

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