Spring Clean

On Saturday 5th March, about 25 volunteers took part in an all-day Spring clean of Bidston Hill and Flaybrick Cemetery. The national “Clean for the Queen” weekend provided a convenient excuse, not that any was needed. March is a great time of year for a a clean-up of Bidston Hill, before the spring growth makes a lot of the rubbish too hard to get at. Fortunately the weather was clear, although some of the paths were still muddy from recent rains.

Some of the volunteers, outside Tam O'Shanter Cottage

Some of the volunteers, outside Tam O’Shanter Cottage

The volunteers gathered at Tam O’Shanter Farm to collect litter-pickers, refuse sacks, and maps of the area to be covered. Bidston Hill alone covers 100 acres, and our brave volunteers tackled Flaybrick Cemetery and the Rhododendron Gardens as well.

Some of the rubbish collected

Some of the rubbish collected

One of the volunteers was heard to say, as he pointed to the sacks of rubbish at the end of the day:

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. With ten times as many volunteers, we couldn’t have collected it all.”

Another volunteer confessed:

“I should be feeling proud to be part of the community that came together to clean up Bidston Hill today. But mostly I feel angry. Angry at the broken bottles, the bags of dog-****, and all the other rubbish. Angry at the selfish people who left it there. And especially angry at everyone who called  Clean for the Queen a Tory trick instead of helping to make our precious open spaces cleaner and safer.”

The area covered by the cleanup

The area covered by the cleanup

The Friends of Bidston Hill would like to thank everyone who helped clean up Bidston Hill and Flaybrick Cemetery today. And we’d also like to thank Bidston Hill’s Friday Group and the other volunteers who look after Bidston Hill all year round. Bidston Hill is a better place because of your efforts.

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