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Bidston Hill News – March 2019

Now that spring is here, we can start to get ready for the summer months and we are making plans for the Hill. During the autumn and winter, much work was undertaken by our hard-working volunteers and the following is an indication of what has been done: Some of the taller bushes and trees were removed on North Heath. This was at the Two-Bench View Point on Windmill Ridge and the aim was to increase the range of view here, particularly towards Wales. On the opposite side, looking towards Liverpool, clearing of Birch and Gorse took place and it was decided to create a cleared strip called “The Ribbon.” The … Continue reading

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Heritage Trail news

If you’ve been up on Bidston Hill lately, you might have noticed new posts for the Heritage Trail. Many of the old ones had become rotten and needed replacing. The new hardwood posts are thicker, and should last longer. Over the next week or two, the blue plaques and the QR codes will be mounted on the new posts. In other news, we are please to announce that the Bidston Hill Heritage Trail is now available on smartphones, via a new app called Geotourist. The Geotourist app is free to download and use, but your network may charge for data. We have posted more information about the Geotourist version of … Continue reading

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