Volunteer warden’s report: Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

In early December, wood chippings were spread underneath all the picnic benches in the field adjacent to the car park. Gorse and Birches were also cut down on Windmill Heath. One Friday there was a blizzard, so no work was done that day!

On Students Heath, more work was down to cut down Gorse and Birch to create a view point from the bench site north of the Lighthouse and the Wirral Parks and Countryside Service came to help. At the end of December, work was started to cut down Holly trees in Taylors Wood, near the Bridle Path. The rationale behind this activity is to create a clearing beneath mature trees in order for seeds from them to find space and light for germination.

During December, 5 people worked each Friday on average (except the day of the blizzard) and spent approximately 40 hours on Bidston Hill.

Woodland floor clearing of Holly trees continued in January and a substantial amount of cut-down material was shredded by a team from the Wirral Council Parks and Countryside Service. In addition, some shredded chippings which had been dumped in the car park were used to mark out a path in the Wild Flower Meadow.

During January, an average of 4 people worked each week, spending approximately 37 hours on the Hill.

John Lee

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