Volunteer Warden’s Report: April-June 2018

In order to reduce fires, Birch and Gorse were cut down in April on a part of South
Heath. The Heather was revealed and looked very attractive for a short while until,
at the beginning of the current heat wave, this area was blackened by fire.

An Open Day was held in May and, blessed with sunny weather, it was successful in
publicising Bidston Hill; The Windmill, Observatory, Lighthouse and Farm receiving
many visitors.

Using the new “Tree Poppers”, in May a large number of young Birch saplings were
dug up from the edge of Taylor’s Wood, not far from the car park. These lever-type
implements were found to be very effective and more purchases of them are being

At the beginning of June, we learnt of the sad news that one of the Friday Group
members, Ron Williams, had passed away in hospital after a short illness. He will be
sadly missed but most of the members of FOBH attended his funeral on 28 th June.
Terry, the “Bidston Bard”, read out a poem which he had written about Ron and this
was well received by the very large congregation at St. John’s Church (Frankby)
celebrating Ron’s active life.

Park Wood’s Rhododendrons are becoming overgrown and a start has been made
to cut them back, particularly away from the main path through the wood.
Progress has also been made in the planting out of Wild Flowers in the Wild area
adjacent to the car park. Many plants have been grown from seed and are now
planted out in a sunny part of this area. It is hoped that they will self-seed and be a
haven for bees and insects. A pathway round the site has been prepared and
covered with wood chippings. Plants which were overgrowing the car park have
been trimmed back.

The current heat wave has inevitably brought with it fire and by the end of June the
Fire Brigade had to spend day and night on the Hill to try and keep fires under
control. North Heath has been particularly badly hit with many seats of fire all the
way from the Windmill to the Observatory.

During the 17 work days of this period, 63 personnel worked for 163 hours. It should
be noted that these figures include the extra time spent holding the Open Day.

John Lee

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    Hi. Could you tell me when is Bidston hill windmill reopen again?

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