Volunteer Warden’s Report: July 2019

May 3rd to July 19th 2019

The Windmill has been open to the public three times during this period. This is any ever-popular event with good attendances each time.

Tumbledown Hill was cleared in preparation for a visit by John Kuzmjak’s relatives. They were pleased to see the site and hear of the fall that John had had there some years ago.

A fire risk was identified behind the fence of Hillside Farm so the trees and bushes there have been cut back. At lot of litter was also found here and much of that was removed but some heavy items could not be carried in the litter bags.

Many of the paths from Upton Road are overgrown, although some have now been cleared. This is an on-going project.

Once again, the ventilation shaft to the underground bunker/air raid shelter had been opened up. The Friday Group assisted Council Staff in attempting to block the entrance but the following week all the “brash” had been removed and burnt. There is a plan for contractors to close off the entrance and a pathway has been cleared for a cross-country type vehicle to access the site. Stop press: the ventilation shaft has now been securely sealed in the interests of public safety. There is no longer any access to the air raid shelters on Bidston Hill.

There is a lot of regeneration of plants on the North and South Heaths after last year’s severe fires but, sadly, Heather is very slow to re-appear.

Plants are thriving in the Wild Plant areas and the plots continue to be maintained with additional plants being inserted.

During this 14 work day period, 56 personnel worked approximately 119 hours.

John Lee.

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