Volunteer Warden’s Report – October 2018

During April and May, the Group were active in cutting down Birch and Gorse on South Heath to open up Heather growing areas. Wirral Council purchased some “Tree Poppers,” a device to lever out trees from their roots. These levers were very effective in removing Birch saplings but didn’t work on Gorse bushes; the roots of these are too extensive underground. The first Bidston Hill Open Day was held in May, in very good weather and was a great success, many people coming to the Windmill, Observatory, Punch and Judy (at the Farm) and a Viking display (also at the Farm).

Sadly, in June, one of our stalwart supporters, Ron Williams, passed away after a short illness, we all attended his funeral at St. John’s in Frankby. Ron helped to create the Wild Flower Meadow which has been a success this year despite the lack of rain during the Summer. Wild flowers have been grown from seed and then transplanted into the Meadow, this plot flowered, and has been much visited by bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

This year Britain has had a very hot Summer and wild fires have been much in the national news. Unfortunately, Bidston Hill has not been spared and palls of smoke have frequently been seen over the Hill as Gorse, Heather and Birch burnt on both South and North Heaths. Plants are starting to regenerate but it will be sometime before we know how much damage there has been to the Heathers.

In August we welcomed a new part-time Ranger for Bidston Hill, Neil Mutch, and we all wish him good luck in his new role.

In August and September, Rhododendron bushes in Taylors Wood were severely cut back to open-up the woodland floor. Additionally, the Two-Bench view point on Windmill Ridge path has been improved by the cutting back of tall vegetation. One of the benches here will be dedicated to Ron Williams.

John Lee

9th October 2018.

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