Volunteer Warden’s Report: November 2018

During October and November, effort has been made to remove some of the taller bushes and trees on North Heath. This was at the Two-Bench View Point on Windmill Ridge and the aim was to increase the range of view here, particularly towards Wales.  Cutting vegetation is this area had its challenges as some of the trees removed were growing on the steep slope that falls away from the Penny-A-Day Dyke pathway.

Despite the fires on South Heath, several pockets of Heather were found to have survived. These areas were noticed on the “Heather Heath” between the Main (Windmill) Path and Rock Path, the plants were, however, being smothered by Gorse so this has been cut down. The Heathers are now “kissing the daylight” again. Tall Gorse plants have been noticed growing alongside paths at the edge of Taylors Wood. These plants are now being removed to allow more light into the woodland floor and perhaps prevent fires spreading into the wood next year.

On South Heath, some of the Pine trees which apparently survived the fires are now showing brown die-back. The true cause is unknown, but it is possible that the plants may have been damaged by smoke generated from the burning Gorse during the Summer fires.

During this period, 48 hours work has been spent on Bidston Hill by 7 volunteers lead by Ranger Neil Mutch.

John Lee

26th November 2018.

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