Volunteer Warden’s Report: Winter 2018-19

Friday Group

December 2018 saw the continuation of clearing Birch and Gorse from around the two-bench Viewpoint on Windmill Ridge (North Heath). Looking toward Liverpool, it was decided to create a cleared strip of called “The Ribbon.” Clearing a strip some 15 to 20-foot-wide from the Ridge and reaching as far as Taylors Wood, would improve the sightline and also act as a fire-break. Within this cleared area, the wetland parts are being improved for wildlife and habitats for creatures made by piling up cut-down material. Further progress in cutting “The Ribbon” was made in January this year.

Looking a little bit further ahead to Spring and Summer, the Friends of Bidston Hill have purchased a Bat Detector. It will be used for research and training initially but perhaps bat walks could be organised later in the Summer and early Autumn, watch this space!

During the milder weather last December, some more Teasel wild flowers were planted in the wild plant area.

As February commenced, Bidston Hill was covered in snow and very picturesque it looked. It did not, however, deter the Friday Group and all personnel, lead by the Ranger, cut down a large patch of Gorse by the Windmill.

During this period, work was done on 9 Fridays, by 28 volunteers who spent 52 hours on Bidston Hill.

John Lee

4th February, 2019.

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