Volunteer Warden’s Report, July-September 2017

On average, six/seven people attend the Friday Group.

A number of tool purchases have been made, the FOBH now have 2 pairs of secateurs, 2 pairs of shears, 4 pairs of simple loppers, 4 pairs of extending loppers.  All have been engraved FOBH and a number.  It is planned to buy some bow saws and this will make the Friends independent of the Farm for tools.

On North Heath, near to the Windmill, burnt gorse has been cut down and birch cleared away from heather growing area.

A large party turned out in early August to cut away ivy and sycamore from the sandstone walls of the Observatory and Lighthouse: thank you Fiona for the bacon butties!

August 11th was Green Flag Award Day and the Mayor of Wirral came to the Hill and raised the flag.

On South Heath between the bridge and Taylor’s Wood, Heather Heath has been created: Heather in flower was being covered and smothered by gorse and much of the gorse has been cut away to reveal the heather.  It is by the main path to the Windmill and much used by visitors, they were able to see a large amount of heather in flower.

On Tree Stump Heath (North Heath, below Windmill) birch has been cut down to encourage heather growth.  Last Friday we were assisted by 9 people from the DWP office; they enjoy coming and working hard and another group is expected in October.  Also, Gaultheria creeping stems have been pulled out from this heath to stop it spreading.

At this time of the year, the main activity is birch removal.  This tree seeds early and profusely so the more the plant can be cut, the less birch seeds will be created.  The group tends to spend 2 to 3 weeks on one patch of ground in order to achieve a substantial growth removal on that area.  We then move onto another piece of heathland.

John Lee

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